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It is the intent of Peachtree Corners Swim and Racquet Club (PCSR) to allow for the optimum use of the tennis courts for all club members in the fairest possible manner.  PCSR Tennis activities are intended to benefit our club members first and foremost and protect & invest in our club facilities.  Rules cannot be developed to cover every situation. Therefore, we ask everyone to use common courtesy and observe tennis etiquette. Please read the rules and employ them in the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship.


  1. Court hours are 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily.  Lights will turn off automatically at 11:00 p.m. Turn off lights when not in use. Please check to make sure no one is actively using the courts or no one else is waiting to use the courts before turning off the tennis lights. The lights will not come on for 20 minutes after being shut off.  Lock both gates and turn off all lights when leaving.   
  2. The Tennis gate lock code is available when making a reservation online.  The Combination code should not be shared and is changed periodically.   
  3. Proper tennis attire is required. No cut offs, swimsuits, or non-athletic wear is allowed. Shirts must always be worn. Only regulation tennis shoes are allowed on the courts. Jogging shoes, basketball shoes or shoes with heels are not allowed. Shoes other than regulation tennis shoes will destroy the surface of the courts and cannot be allowed.
  4. Organized tennis activities must be approved by the Tennis Chair (PCSRTennis@gmail.com) in advance.  Organized tennis activities may involve more than one court at a time and/or multi day frequency and/or may involve exchange of money for tennis activity.  PCSR tennis teams, events, and tournaments have priority use of the tennis courts.  Please refer to the ALTA/USTA Team Tennis Section for more detail.
  5. Courts and lights are for tennis usage only, and only persons playing tennis are permitting inside the court area. 
  6. No glass containers will be allowed inside the courts.  Alcoholic beverages are allowed at the tennis courts for adults who are of legal drinking age.
  7. Keep the court area clean and litter free.  Tennis ball cans and other debris should be placed in the trash receptacles.
  8. No smoking is allowed on the tennis courts or outside the tennis court fence.
  9. Courtesy to the players on adjacent courts is requested.  Do not chase balls in the adjoining court. Do not cross behind until invited to do so.  
  10. Do not walk or stand behind the end of the courts while play is in progress.
  11. Children (under 10) may not use the courts unless accompanied by an adult club member.  Players bringing children with them while they play tennis are responsible for properly supervising their children.  Noisy, unruly behavior is a disturbance to others and should be controlled.  
  12. Members may bring guests to play with them on the 1 court they reserved.  All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. Non-members that are playing on an ALTA/USTA team may only use the facility during practice/matches for that team during that session.
  13. If desired, individual club players should blow off the courts as necessary before their own personal or flex league play.  
  14. Know, enforce, and abide by all the tennis rules. Please report any violations to the Tennis Chair (PCSRTennis@gmail.com).  PCSR may revoke tennis privileges of those members who show continual disregard for these rules governing the use of the tennis courts.


Tennis court reservations are made by club members through our website (Peachtree-Corners.org).  This service will allow you to check on court availability and make reservations from the internet through computer or smart phone. All court reservations will be handled through this system, so please follow the instructions below to begin.

  1. Log into your account at peachtree-corners.org and book your court under Tennis Reservations.  Make sure to provide your first and last name.  Please provide information at the time of the booking as to the purpose of your tennis reservations to aid others who may play next to you on an adjacent court.  The online reservation must list all players names (club members or guests).
  2. Reservations are limited to one 2-hour session per day, except for team tennis practices, matches or other PCSR approved tennis activities. Consecutive signups are not permitted.
  3. Reservations not kept within 15 minutes are forfeited.
  4. Cancellations should be made as soon as possible as a courtesy to others. No-shows may result in loss of future reservation privileges.
  5. Court prime time is 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends and holidays. During this time, adults have priority over junior members (under 18) and children who are not playing a match. Junior members and children should relinquish the court courteously when asked to do so.
  6. Families should restrict play to one court whenever there are other members waiting to play. A family may reserve only one court at any time.


  1. Team captains must be a current PCSR member.
  2. Team captains will advise Tennis Chair (PCSRTennis@gmail.com) of plans to field a team prior to submitting their team roster to ALTA/USTA and will obtain the approval of the Tennis Chair prior to scheduling or conducting any team practices. 
  3. The Tennis Chair will organize & publish the club schedule for all team practices.   Team practices will only be conducted on the days & times designated by the Tennis Chair. Team practices may not be made up.
  4. To host a tennis team at PCSR, the PCSR tennis chair (ALTA # 104-254-612) needs to be added as a ALTA roster designee on the ALTA web site. 
  5. Each team can reserve up to 2 courts for ALTA/USTA practices once a week for a maximum of 2 hours.
  6. Each team can reserve up to 3 courts for home ALTA/USTA matches, if available. 
  7. Team matches will be held based on the ALTA/USTA schedule each season. Delayed or rescheduled “away” matches will not be played at PCSR tennis courts. The “HOME TEAM” is responsible for providing courts for delayed or rescheduled matches. PCSR teams may use their normal scheduled practice time slot for make-up match play if they desire.
  8. Members playing on non-PCSR teams may not use PCSR courts for those matches.
  9. Team captains are responsible for cleaning up the tennis courts, bleachers, tables, etc. and emptying the trash after each home match. A supply of trashcan liners will be kept in the storage bin next to the bleachers.  Team captains are responsible to blow off the courts as necessary before practice or match play. 


  1. Adult non-club members may be added to a ALTA/USTA team for a fee of $45.00 per session (1 session being one 7-week league season plus playoffs, if applicable). Child non-club members may be added to a ALTA / USTA team for $30.00 per session.
  2. All non-club member fees will be collected online through the club website (Tennis Shop on Peachtree-Corners.org) and paid by individual players.  The fees are payable by the individual player before the Team Captain can add the the player to the ALTA / USTA roster online.  If the fees are not received by that time, a $10 late fee will be applied with an invoice sent.  Non-members will not be allowed to participate in any practices or matches without paying the required Non Member fees.
  3. PCSR adheres to a No-Refund Policy with regard to Non Member fees.
  4. Any non-members that are on the team for an ALTA/USTA/approved tennis activity session only have access to PCSR tennis courts for those ALTA/USTA team practices and matches.  They do not have access to our courts for general play without being on a member’s reservation.
  5. Captains are responsible for informing their team and guest team that the pool is open for access to the bathrooms only (and not to the pool or play area).
  6. The PCSR board may revoke this opportunity if it is abused or creates any problems with the general membership.

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